When Does Your Oil Need Changing

You can usually find an estimate for how frequently to change your vehicle’s oil in the owner’s manual that came with it. This basic estimate is a great place to begin. You may be able to adjust your oil change frequency, however, based on your individual driving habits, how old your engine is, and other variables.

Read the Owner’s Manual

Your first resource for information about your vehicle should be the manual. If you no longer have it, talk to your dealer or research the information online. This comprehensive guide should give you a recommendation as to the type of engine oil to use for your specific vehicle. The type and weight of oil are important as well, so make sure you select one that works well with your vehicle’s engine.

Modern manufacturers often clarify a variety of oil change intervals, specifying one length for special operating conditions and another … Read More

When Is the Best Time to Remodel a Kitchen? Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter

Modern, large kitchenDepending on your renovation project and the weather, some seasons are better for renovating than others. For instance, when it’s a cold winter’s day, you don’t want to be caught outside replacing patio doors or windows. If you live in a climate that gets really cold with snow and the ground is frozen, you need to choose the right time to renovate.

However, if you are planning to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or basement, you can do it anytime of the year whether or not it’s freezing outside. Therefore, if your project doesn’t involve removing windows or working on the exterior, you don’t need a specific time to do it. However, many homeowners choose to do their interior renovations during the summer or spring seasons. As such, a lot of renovation contractors are looking for work during the cold months.

Besides the weather, there are a few more things to … Read More

5 Important Considerations When Planning a Server Room

Server roomYour server room is a place where the internal equipment and connectivity meets. It is also where all the cables that connect to the PCs, printers, servers, conference, telephones, safety equipment, and security all work together. You could call this area the data room, telecommunications room, server room, equipment room, network room, or if you follow the BICSI guidelines, it is known as a telecommunications space. Regardless of what name it goes by, this space deserves a great level of attention and planning.

The telecommunication spaces that are well-planned need to offer these benefits:

1. Dedicated space or spaces for data and voice equipment;

2. Ample and efficient work space for the completion of changes, add-ons, moves, and troubleshooting;

3. The right temperature and enough space to support this type of equipment for its lifetime;

4. Server room air conditioning;

5. An easy way to adapt to growth requirements … Read More

10 Characteristics To Make Your Videos Go Viral

I have been working on a new viral video that I am launching next week, so I was inspired to come up with a list of the 10 top video characteristics that encourage other people to share video content through social media sites and blogs.

There is no such thing as a specific equation to create viral content. It is more like playing bingo – but if you use corporate video production services, you may have a better chance of winning! The more of the characteristics from below that your video has, the higher your chances will be that your video wins and goes viral.

  1. Do a spoof or parody of something that is familiar.

    When you play off something that everyone is familiar with already – for example, a popular TV show, movie, or song – then everyone will have a good reference point that will help them

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Top Facts That You Didn’t Know About Olive Oil

So, you think you know all you need to know about your favourite brand of cooking oil? Believe it or not, olive oil has a few secrets that are not described on the bottle’s label. From the sordid relationship with the Italian mafia to the properties debunking the idea that olive oil is good for a person’s skin, this article will provide information that olive oil is far more than a tasty addition to a green salad. And it’s now so popular, you can even get an olive oil subscription!

Considered one of the unrefined versions of olive oil, extra-virgin olive is one of the high-quality options when looking at grades of olive oil. To meet the standards of extra-virgin olive oil, there must be an absence of heat and chemicals allowing the oil to retain an olive flavour. Moreover, the extra-virgin oil contains less than a single percent … Read More