Main Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Energy-Efficient Windows

Low-E glass is arguably the most energy-efficient type of glass available today. This low emissivity glass features an extremely thin layer of metal oxide on one of the internal surfaces. The role of this coating is to reflect heat and prevent it from escaping the room, while also allowing the light outside to pass through.

The distance between the two or three panes can have an impact on the energy efficiency of these windows. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t draw the conclusion that the bigger the gap the better. Many experts consider 16mm as being the optimum, but in some circumstances smaller gaps could work better. Another method to improve the performance is to fill the gap with an inert gas such as krypton, xenon or argon. These gases are able to insulate better than air or vacuum.

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Controlling Noise in Construction

Construction worker and machineryIn terms of construction, it appears that the only way is up. Anyone who visits the nation’s capital will notice the huge amount of high-rise construction and building work that is taking place along the banks of the River Thames in addition to the business districts. And this investment is not only taking place in London. The entire nation is undergoing a resurgence in residential and commercial premises development, changing both the visual landscape and fiscal environment.

The Value that Construction Provides to the Economy

Government figures show how valuable construction is to the British economy. Data from the Office for National Statistics show that record-breaking figures of £113,127 million were reached by the end of 2018. That is reflected in the continued increase in the number of construction companies operating in the country. At this time, a record-breaking 325,736 firms were operating in Great Britain, which was a 3.5% … Read More

6 Steps to Understanding the Mobile App Development Lifecycle

One consistent fad I noticed through the entirety of working on app projects is that mobile application development is similar to a black box, particularly if you’re not conversant with coding.

If you are thinking about creating a mobile app for your SMB (small to medium-sized business), you have to be aware of precisely what it takes to implement. A study conducted recently suggests that around one in five small to medium-sized businesses have developed a mobile app and around that many actually launch one. That’s a small percentage but it also contains lots of success case studies showing the benefits of app development done correctly, as some android app development agencies found out.

1. Market Research, Discovery and Mobile App Development Tech-stack

You may have a couple of viable mobile app ideas for your enterprise, and that’s not a bad place to begin. However, before moving to the design … Read More

How Has COVID-19 Affected the Content, Media and Digital Sectors?

News illustrationThe COVID-19 pandemic has had dramatic implications for the UK’s prosperity and public health. However, it has also had a significant impact on the technology, corporate media, such as corporate video production, and digital sectors.

Connected Homes

From 2017 through to the first half of 2020, smart home devices saw substantial growth. During this period of time, adoption more than doubled and reached 34%, which amounted to 9.5 million houses.

In terms of specific devices, more than a quarter (27%) of households in the UK had smart speakers during the first half of 2020. By contrast, during the first half of 2018, just 10% had them. Over this same time frame, the adoption of smart security doubled going from 3% to 6%, while smart light lighting increased from 4% to 7%. In the first half of 2020, smart domestic appliance adoption reached 6%.

The Lockdown Has Resulted in a

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Five Reasons Why People Purchase Antiques

People who love buying and collecting antiques have various justifications for spending their hard-earned money on objects that are literally centuries old. It might seem absurd to some to buy items that typically sit in a glass case on display, but as experts at Serendipity know, for a collector, there’s always a story behind why acquiring such objects is such a meaningful thing to them.

The Age of the Object

Age is what makes an antique, well, antique. The thing that draws people to incredibly old items is the fact that what they are buying is older than them. It is an excellent way to feel connected to the past, particularly for those with an interest in a particular time period. For instance, consider an early porcelain ewer. China was the only country that exported porcelain worldwide back in the 15th Century. It is highly sought after by collectors since … Read More