What Is a Litigation Support Specialist? Do You Need One?

You probably already know what this kind of professional is, you just didn’t know that you should call them by this name. On television and in movies, the role of the litigation support specialist in the courtroom is often fudged with the term “expert witness,” an overlapping role that most if not all of them take on. While almost every specialist offering litigation support can testify as a qualified expert witness, not every expert called is such a specialist. Some are qualified as experts but subpoenaed through regular means as a part of the investigation during the pre-litigation phase. On top of that, support specialists offer information and analysis early in the process of building a case, not just at trial or in hearings.

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When Do You Need a Specialist?

You’re going to want to have a litigation support person attached to the case whenever there is a complex matter … Read More

Understanding the Bail Process

If you know someone who has been arrested, you might be looking to bail them out of jail. But the process can be intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with it. Do you actually have to pay to free them? Will you ever get your money back? Here’s a helpful rundown of the methods by which you can post bail.

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Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are provided by an insurance company through an agent known as a bail bondsman. They secure the release of the defendant pending trial. With montgomery county bail bonds, there’s usually a charge of 10 percent of the amount of the bond and often the defendant must put up collateral such as a mortgage on a house. When the court case ends (regardless of the verdict), the bail bond is “exonerated” and returned to the insurance company. The only way a full bail would have to … Read More

Simple Ways to Make Your Commercial Space Greener

As a business owner, it’s more important than ever to promote a greener and more sustainable way of living in the workplace. The world is on the brink of complete environmental deterioration and if the world heats by an additional 1.5 degrees, there would be extreme weather, drought and poverty for millions. There are small and meaningful changes that we can all make to reduce our carbon footprint.

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The UK is working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2050, as are many other countries, in an effort to reverse the damage that has already been inflicted on the world. Many are turning a blind eye to the issues that are at hand, so it’s important to be the change you want to see in the world. Here are some simple tips on how to become a greener more sustainable office.

Control water usage

On average, 9 litres are pumped out of … Read More

How to Stay Healthy in the Modern Workplace 

Working 9 to 5 can be an exhausting way to live. Wake up, commute, work, eat lunch, work, commute, eat, sleep. It’s a routine which leaves little time for relaxing and then actually taking care of yourself. So it is all too easy for your health to fall to the wayside as a result.

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With that in mind, here are all the ways you can work on improving your health daily whilst in the modern workplace:

Diet & Supplements 

They say you are what you eat and this is completely, utterly, true. Therefore watching and taking care of your diet is an integral part of being healthy in the modern workplace. It’s all too easy to fall victim to meal deals, takeaways and snacks throughout the day. So, forcing yourself to eat better—and not necessarily salads every day—can be key to helping your diet support a good modern workplace.

If … Read More

How to Successfully Expand a Home Business 

Finding success in your home business in 2019 can be a startling achievement. With political uncertainty, fluctuating economy and other uncertainties it almost seems impossible to find such success. However, once you do it can quickly become apparent that further growth and expansion may be possible for your business. Working out exactly how to find and achieve this success, however, can be an altogether different venture entirely.

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As such, there are a few avenues you may wish to explore when attempting to successfully expand your home business. They may include the likes of:

Put All of Your Resources Into It 

If you’re running a home business then in all likelihood you will also be working alongside it, either in a part-time or full-time capacity. In which case, growing your home business may just be a case of putting all of your time and effort into the endeavour, rather than only … Read More