Internet downtime can paralyse a business. What can you do to preserve your invaluable connection? If you’re looking for cyber security solutions for businesses, Nick Dutfield from Fusion describes an option that will help you not send the workforce back home.

In the previous month, Fusion experienced an outage on one of its primary London carrier’s networks, causing many of our customers’ great distress. The internet outage happened at around lunchtime, and although some clients were able to shift to a different place or use mobile connections, others didn’t have that luxury. In the worst-case scenario, one client was forced to send its staff home for the rest of the afternoon, at significant cost to their bottom line. So, no internet connection means no business.

How Loss of Internet Affects Businesses

A study conducted by OnePoll suggests that internet downtime costs businesses in the UK £11 billion each year. This figure is set to grow daily as our dependence on business internet continues to grow. Sadly, the recoup for internet downtime is agonisingly insufficient. At the very best, the service provider will credit for the duration the service wasn’t accessible. For businesses that pay a few hundred pounds every month for internet connectivity, this doesn’t make any dint in lost trading time or productivity.

There’s also no sure-way of guaranteeing fibre availability. The issue is that most businesses depend on a single connection from one service provider. So when the ISP experiences a network-wide issue, our internet connection will go down. If there’s an issue with the fibre, outside or inside the building, your internet connection goes down.

The Solution to Loss of Connectivity

The solution here is pretty much straightforward here: you require a second internet connection.

The conventional method of creating backup internet connectivity is getting a second fibre line installed. This may seem easy, but it isn’t. Fibre installation is a time-consuming procedure that entails making wayleave agreements and manually installing a new line. Even in simple circumstances, the process will take at least two months. At most, the installation can take a year. So you have to budget for the expense of two fibre lines, one of which will be largely for backup purposes.

Our Network in the Sky

Internet connectivity offered wirelessly using microwave tech is an excellent alternative. Using dishes fitted on rooftops, wireless internet connectivity utilises line-of-site to our base stations. Our ‘Our network in the sky’ has numerous benefits. First off, you’ll require landlord authorisation to set up the dish on the roof, instead of gaining wayleave legal agreement. This way, the installation will be much faster compared to fibre lines. Secondly, it doesn’t depend on physical fibre running into the establishment, which is susceptible to street works.

The advantages don’t stop there. Wireless internet connectivity is cheaper compared to fibre – you can have a 50mg internet connection for about £150, which would suffice for many businesses as a backup. Finally, the service is dependable. In our experience, wireless internet is usually more reliable compared to fibre.

Advantages of a Backup Connection

Over the last couple of years, we have managed to add hundreds of clients in central London, with some using wireless internet as their main connection and others utilising it as a backup offering a 100% SLA. With the added capacity, you can split the bandwidth, suing the wireless as a staff or guest network, or running certain apps, meaning there will be less strain on the main network. And if and when the fibre network is lacking, you can immediately switch to a fast and reliable wireless network, enabling you to continue with work.

As a backup internet alternative, wireless is ideal. It resolves the issue of internet downtime and also provides more bandwidth and flexibility. Internet connectivity is an essential service for many businesses these days, so wireless is the best option.

Are you looking for a wireless internet connection for your company? We have a track record of installing hundreds of sites in the central London area. Call us today for the right advice.

What’s the Business Impact of an Internet Connectivity Outage?