Modern, large kitchenDepending on your renovation project and the weather, some seasons are better for renovating than others. For instance, when it’s a cold winter’s day, you don’t want to be caught outside replacing patio doors or windows. If you live in a climate that gets really cold with snow and the ground is frozen, you need to choose the right time to renovate.

However, if you are planning to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or basement, you can do it anytime of the year whether or not it’s freezing outside. Therefore, if your project doesn’t involve removing windows or working on the exterior, you don’t need a specific time to do it. However, many homeowners choose to do their interior renovations during the summer or spring seasons. As such, a lot of renovation contractors are looking for work during the cold months.

Besides the weather, there are a few more things to consider when planning a renovation like using proper floor plan services. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Your Family Schedule

Your remodelling plans should start on the day when it’s less disruptive for your household. The kitchen is always the heart of any home and it will create a lot of inconvenience for your family when you turn it into a construction area. You can remodel during the summer season because people have their own schedules out of the house. Even better, the family could eat outside in your garden on sunny evenings.

2. Eating Plans

Eating out every day can be very expensive and tiring for anyone. While you are remodelling your kitchen, you will be forced to create a proper eating arrangement while at home. You can transform a simple work table and a mini-fridge plus a microwave into your temporary kitchen. Alternatively, you can use your BBQl especially during the summer months while the remodelling is underway.

3. Holidays and Special Events

Are you trying to renovate your kitchen before any special events such as parties or Christmas? Replacing the counter tops and cabinets should take a few weeks. However, if you want a complete do over for the walls, plumbing, electrical wires and inspections, it will take about 2 or 3 months. Basically, you need to consider the scope of work.

As the homeowner, you need to understand the sequence of the entire construction project. Your contractor needs to know the same too. Start at the date you want to be finished by and backwards to make a proper timeline of when everything will be done. That way, everything will be cleared out before the big holidays or any special events.

4. Special Deals

Kitchen remodelling isn’t a cheap project. You should expect to break the bank if you are going to do one. However, you can always get a good deal to cut down on your budget accordingly. You can check out discounts on major kitchen appliances on Black Friday. Also, you can check out any seasonal promotions especially during the spring season. You might not be installing everything right away but storing the appliances and the materials ensures the project will go smoothly when it’s time to do the remodelling.

5. Product Lead Times

If you are installing custom cabinets with hand-crafted designs or unusual materials, you should expect a lead time of at least 3 months. You should plan for 4 to 6 weeks for delivery for any semi-custom cabinets. Therefore, with your kitchen remodel, plan for the product lead times which might differ depending on the availability.

6. Planning

Schedule your kitchen remodel when you have planned for it. Do your research, shop, set goals, budget and talk to remodelling professionals for the best results. Everything will fall into place with proper planning.

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