There is one question we hear on a regular basis… We already have a loft in our home, why can’t we just use that for storage? What good reason would I have to pay for a storage unit? To be honest, it is a very good question. Many people feel as though a loft is a great storage solution. However, there are many things that make a loft impractical, and sometimes downright dangerous to store items in. Today, we are going to take some time and discuss why a storage unit, like the kind offered by Blue Box Storage, is a much better option than your loft.


More than likely your loft is not going to be that big. Of course, this would be the case if you live in a mansion, but then space wouldn’t be an issue, would it? More than likely it also houses beams and eaves, which makes it a rather limited space as opposed to a living area. However, it is just about big enough to accommodate some items that you do not need on a regular occasion but want to keep within reach. Consider the loft the perfect location to store family keepsakes, decorations and suitcases. However, if you are looking to store larger items like furniture or large boxes of clothing, getting them into the loft and storing them is going to be a much harder task than you could imagine. This is why self-storage is an ideal solution. These units come in a variety of sizes and are quite convenient when it comes to storing bulky items that you do not need.


We do not want to think about our homes being targeted for robbery, but it does happen. To think that within a moment, your valuable keepsakes could be gone forever. However, if they were in a self-storage unit, they would be safe from robbery. The vast majority of self-storage facilities offer CCTV systems and allow you to lock the unit with your own padlock, as well as enter the facility with a security code.


While theft is one of the main ways in which a self-storage unit can protect your belongings, there are other ways in which it can be safer than your loft. Roofs are prone to damage and leaks, especially in storms, leaving your valuables just as prone to damage. In addition, many homes have a boiler or hot water heater in the loft; if a pipe was to burst, you could have a room full of wet belongings. In addition, one must also consider smoke damage, rodents, pest, as well as damage to your items by simply falling on a box while trying to manoeuvre in such a small area. A self-storage unit allows for all of these worries to be gone in an instant. You cannot store any food in a self-storage unit, which eliminates the worry of pests, and most units have state of the art smoke detection systems which will keep your valuables safe year round.


One of the main things to consider about a self-storage facility is the fact that there is always going to be help available. When you have items stored in the loft, you are usually going to need some help to get it out. And I know very few people who are more than happy to help move things out of a loft all day long!

However, with a self-storage unit, there will be staff available to help with trolleys, move heavier boxes out of the unit, and other assorted tasks. And to think, you can visit your unit whenever you need and never deal with a ladder or pester a dear friend again!

Why You Should Not Consider Your Loft as a Bulk Storage Space