4 Ways to Strengthen Your Business Using Intellectual Property

Every business owner should implement an intellectual property strategy into their company, especially if they plan on commercialising it! To make this strategy effective, it needs to address the marketplace for your invention and the business objectives, potential licensees, investors and buyers. If you want to know more about how you can strengthen your business using intellectual property, read on:

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  • File Multiple Patent Applications

You need to cast your net as wide as you can. These applications should address the innovation behind your products or service, not just the invention itself. If you have a unique, big idea that could in some way be altered into something else; you’ll also want a slice of that too. Ensure that you’re covering as much area as possible to protect your right to own and profit from your work. Brainstorm a wealth of ideas, including some a little outside the box – … Read More

Digital Marketing – Why You Need It In 2019?

With the change and evolution of technologies, businesses are doing everything in their control to keep up with the trends. Brick and mortar businesses are experiencing changes in their models, trespassing geographical barriers and going online! But why are they doing so? Is life online more lucrative than real? Partly yes… Everyone is online in 2019 and one that targets digital marketing, is going to gain more traffic and visibility that those limiting themselves to the real world. Here are few reasons why you need digital marketing in 2019!

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It Is A Way To Get What You Want

Digital marketing gives businesses the opportunity to compete and attract their share of targeted traffic. With the useful tools available these days, enterprises may target a group of persons based on their age, preferences, location or even gender! With digital marketing, smaller businesses have a more resourceful platform to perform their sales … Read More

Discover The Top 7 Classic Wedding Gifts That Any Couple Will Appreciate

There’s a reason something is considered a classic. In most cases, it is because you’ll love it as much as anyone else. It’s possible for couples who get engaged to arrange for their most outrageous desires including things like swimming in Tahiti with the stingrays or getting a substantial down payment on their first home and anything you could imagine in between. The things they often want could be almost anything. For that reason, it may be difficult or even overwhelming when trying to choose something for them.

The way around this is to go with the classic gift idea from a company such as Silver & Pewter Gifts that you know you won’t go wrong with. You can go with that regardless of whether it’s on the register or it isn’t. These are gifts that were commonly given to your parents or grandparents when they got married. But because … Read More

Fleet Managers Go Mad Over These 5 HGV Driver Mistakes

At times the tiniest of mistakes can be quite costly; every Heavy Goods Vehicle driver with a class 1 licence knows this.

Sometimes however, HGV drivers do not know how even the smallest of mistakes can decrease a fleet’s overall profitability by negatively affecting the productivity and efficacy of the business and safety of the fleet.

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We are certain that the ability of a fleet manager to perform their job as effectively as possible is negatively affected by the following list of seemingly small mistakes.

1. Failure To Insert The Driver Card In The Tachograph

It is illegal for the driver to drive an HGV before putting the driver card in the tachograph.

Furthermore, when processing time sheets and the corresponding payroll, officer workers are highly inconvenienced as the tacho record isn’t linked to the correct driver.

On top of this, any potential insurance claim that the company would like … Read More

What Digital Marketers Must Know About Generation Z

With Generation Z on the brink of becoming the global population’s largest segment, many are starting to shift their focus towards the potential of this generation. In 2019, Generation Z will make up 32 percent of the 7.7 billion members of the global population, to nudge slightly ahead of millennials, who will account for 31.5 percent.

The race is on to marketing to Generation Z. The oldest members of the group are right out of university or will be graduating soon, entering into the workforce and gain a notable share of consumer spending. Generation Z, by 2020, will be 40 percent of total consumers. Their purchasing power is $44 billion and then expands to $600 billion once you consider the influence they have on the spending of their parents. Marketing teams are quickly moving to capture this group’s attention before their competitors do.

Like all of the generations that have … Read More