Safe Investment Routes In A Post-Covid World 

The world has been deeply shaken by the economic impacts of the pandemic. With dozens (if not hundreds) of businesses on the brink of collapse, what are the potential safe investment routes for business owners and moguls in 2021? Let’s break them down in detail.

The new economic world order post Covid-19 - The Sunday Guardian Live

Medium-Tier Approaches

Founder and CEO Mark Props said that “Valuations are low and Emerging Market currencies are undervalued, assuming that central banks in developed countries will remain accommodative. Emerging Market bonds in local currency are also a good diversification tool in portfolios. Leveraged loans in Europe offer both an attractive risk/return profile and a natural protection against the risk of rising interest rates since the income generated is based on variable interest rates. This type of asset is not suitable for all risk profiles. Liquidity can be low, so we recommend investing over a long period.” This is a clear example of the fact that … Read More