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VPN’s offer an essential service to internet users almost like security companies do in real life for people that are considered a target. On the internet, though everyone is a target and it is best to have your bodyguard close.

Most VPN’s these days come with anti-virus and anti-malware services so you can have just a VPN instead of a separate antivirus as well. Of course, you will first have to find out if the antivirus service of the VPN is any good but luckily there’s Migliori VPN. This is a site that lets you compare thousands of VPN’s and categorizes them according to how they are used.

You will be surprised to know how many different uses there are for VPN’s. On top of this, there are VPN companies that focus on developing VPN’s for a specific purpose, like unblocking Netflix or providing a secure connection, etc. This makes it easier for people to find the VPN the need based on what you need it for. Therefore if you are going to China, you can search for VPN’s that specialize in unlocking access in China.

There are also general VPN’s which are just good all around. This kind of VPN usually score highly on anonymity ratings and can access most of the Netflix content. They are normally a lot safer as well because you’re pretty much guaranteed a quality service. This applies mainly to the paid versions of these VPN services, however, you can find free VPN’s for both general uses and specifically designed for a purpose.

The Free VPN’s, however, come at a major risk to you and your personal data and the health of your hardware (your pc or phone etc.). If you think about it logically, it doesn’t make sense that a free VPN can perform the same as a paid VPN. The infrastructure that must be in place for a VPN to perform at high quality is quite expensive. This is why it can be pricey to subscribe to a VPN.

So where does a free VPN make its money to pay for this heavy infrastructure? The answer is simple: your personal information. They will spy on you and record your browsing habits and they will record your credit card details if you have ever entered them through the VPN online. Once they have collected enough information on you then they will sell it all to the highest bidder which will either be hackers or malicious advertisers, both of which you do not want getting a hold of your information. It is recommended to rather split it between friends or pay in advance for a paid VPN and get the discounts, rather than save on a free VPN.


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