How to use instant photos at an event

The next big festival, or the next big birthday party is coming up, and you would like to make this event a special one. What are the best ways you can do this? The answer is, to use instant photos. But what makes instant photos so special, and why is it the best way to create an event, that you and everyone else will never forget? You will find out in this blog article.

instant photo frame

What are instant photos?

Instant photos are photos that are shot with an instant camera. Instead of having to let them be developed in a shop, the camera itself prints out the picture immediately after you have shot the picture. This makes them perfect for events, because you can instantly see the picture afterwards, and you and your friends can enjoy the look of the picture right then and there. You can grab your friend at the festival, and shoot a wonderful selfie together, and then have the picture with you already. Or at a birthday party, you can shoot a great group picture of everyone.

How to make them even better?

Using instant photos is already a great idea. However, you can make this even more special by using customizable photos. A custom instax film allows you to customize the film you use, and therefore you can adapt the film for the event. If it is a birthday party, you can print the name of the birthday person on the film, or you can print the date of the event. You can also do the same for a festival and make the pictures even more special by printing the name and date of the festival. With a customized instant photo frame, you can be sure, to capture the event in the best possible way.

What makes this special?

Events like festivals or birthday parties are wonderful at the moment, but at some point they have passed, and normal life continues. Often the memories fade away over time, and that can be a very sad thing, especially, if the event was amazing. By using a customized instant photo frame and film, you can create memories that can last you and your friends long times. Now you have something that you can look at from time to time, and go back in your memory to the event. This helps you to keep it close to your heart, and it will give you joy over and over again.


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