Exploring a Graduate Career in Singapore

Thinking about the career that is just going to start? Job search in Singapore has been very challenging but plenty of benefits are linked for the fresh graduates who are just at the start of their professional career. Apart from its importance as being the world center for trade, Singapore has been offering many advanced employment opportunities to its fresh graduates and enjoys international ties. Where can be a better place to start your career than such pro-business & stabled political and economic environment? Let’s have an overview how Singapore jobs alter you from the journey of a student to a professional.

What’s the graduate job market like in Singapore?

Apart from the distinct location, Singapore is greatly dependent on trade specially exports to retain its economic prosperity. Singapore is the center of trade and logistics surrounded by many shipping routes. What will a prospering economy bring to country? Yes, More employment opportunities for freshers, high initiating salaries and the most suitable environment for business development.

One of the standout industry of Singapore is Electronics Industry, which is a major contributor of economic growth in the country and bringing in 19% of the employment of the overall countries manufacturing force. This standout industry has made job search in Singapore a lot easier for engineering students & those of science and technology who are offered series of employment opportunities in electronic industrial sector each year.

Singapore is also recognized as the center of Banking & financial institutions in South Asia.  Advanced economics has increased demand for improved & skilled employees in the sector which has created plenty of management jobs in Singapore. The advancement in telecommunication, tourism, trade and construction industry of Singapore is extremely developed with sound expectations and room for graduating students of Media, Management, communications, Tourism, Sciences & Technology. Several multinational companies have their offices located in Singapore that is always looking for fresh minds to bring innovative ideas to their business.

Permit that you will need to work in the country is dependent on the salary you will be offered, and a fresh graduate is most probably mean you will get an S-pass. Those who are offered with high salary package will get a permit of E-pass (Employment pass).


Finding the right job

When you are searching for a job it is always best to spread yourself a wide a possible, consulting the newspapers, going to job fairs, online web portals and job boards. These will allow you to get an idea of those companies and institutions you might want to work with.

Finding a job in Singapore is challenging but once you are on job nine out of ten employees are satisfied with their working environment. Singapore has also managed to receives a number of recognitions for the entire quality of living, best education standards and effective medical facilities, taking the countries rank to “the beneficial in the world”.


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