A financing company is an organization that grants loans to people and businesses and charges them interest during the paying back period. Companies earn profit through interest charges and that is more than the rate of interest charged by banks. Financing institutions neither collect cash from people nor function like banks es. People with poor credit history get benefitted from financing companies and put their assets of the same value as a guarantee against the taken loan. In this way, the company gets the right to take possession of the collateral if the client doesn’t pay the loan. Visit Collected.Reviews for the reviews on finance companies and make your decision making process easier.


Reliable finance and business companies operate similarly in a way that both actively and attends and engages clients. Financing companies become reliable in the eyes of people by permitting flexibility to lenders to choose financing instruments that match their needs. Educating clients regarding the technicalities involved in the financial system is key to attract more and well-informed clients. Reliable finance and business companies understand the needs of clients and act accordingly.

Certificate of authority is one of the most important factors that make financing companies trustworthy and reliable in public. It is a document that permits companies to function and operate in the country by following set rules and regulations. Financing companies that are considered reliable in the USA and have the certificate of authority are:

Goldman Sachs:

Goldman Sachs is an American financing company located in New York City and founded in 1869. The company is famous for providing financial services to individuals, businesses, and the government. Corporate clients can easily get loans from Goldman Sachs, though only wealthy people can get benefitted from their loans. The company has a certificate of authority and is globally recognized.

American International Group of Financial Securities Corporation (AIGFS):

American international group financial securities corp (AIGFS) provides brokerage and underwriting services. The company claims to be true to its commitment to facilitating individuals, businesses, and communities and responding to them timely at uncertain periods. They have the certificate of authority to provide their services to the public as a financing company.


MetLife is a strong financing company founded in 1868 and headquartered in New York City. They provide loans to people for three main purposes that are agricultural loans, private capital, and for real estate. The company provides services to foreign clients also, product and service availability depends on the region and country of the client. They believe that through effective and efficient preparation companies can progress and perform well.

Progressive Corporation:

The progressive corporation is an American financing company founded in 1937 and provides loans to individuals. If the credit score of an individual is good, they will charge the lowest rate and if the score is poor, they will charge a high-interest rate. Progressive lending is influenced by an individual’s age, the amount required as a loan, and record of repayment.


Moody’s is an American financing company founded in 1909 and generates profit by providing credit ratings to debt securities. They check the creditworthiness of people and anticipated loss. The company has a good reputation and holds a recognizable place in the list of tremendous companies.


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