Should You Repair Your iPhone Or Buy A New One?

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Have you dropped your iPhone and picked it up just to discover the iPhone screen shattered in a million pieces? A good bulk of iPhone users will find themselves in this dilemma at some time in their possession and present the question of whether buying new or fixing is the most valuable option. Even though on the surface this might look like a black and white question, this guide will delve into the pros and cons of each iPhone fix vs buy option in an attempt to better inform customers of the background of every choice.

In discussing each choice, the easiest way to split down the topics is by dividing each situation into device type and model.

iPhone 6 – While this version is antiquated by most, some still use because of its iPod and program ability. In assessing most repair options for this device, it looks like the iPhone repair cost averages about half of the value.

iPhone 6S – Instantly following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the iPhone 6S still conveys a faster processor making it less frustrating when attempting to run newer generation software nonetheless, it still has its freezes and slow downs. This device seems to have a similar makeup, and it benefits from a lower price restoration. The value of buying new is that the client now will have the most recent generation device. If the choice is available and this is the consumer’s primary cellular device, many customers advocate upgrading from this version to the newest available since the processor speed, and parts are much superior. The professionals of a display repair are that this device can still draw about one hundred and fifty bucks on auction websites like eBay because of its faster processor. When keeping it as a backup or just opting to continue without a mobile contract, a fix may be the favorable alternative.

iPhone 7 – Apple has just reduced the cost for contract signing users to virtually nothing. The purchase option is apparent if a customer is cash strapped and can renew a contract. The choice gets murkier if the contract choice isn’t on the table. The main reason is that most mobile companies subsidize nearly all the purchase price of this device because of the capability to lock the user into a contract for a year or two’s time. In doing this, the contract extension option is available only once a contract duration. If a customer remains in contract, the repurchase price of this unit is currently monumentally longer (to the tune of roughly three hundred dollars more), which makes the buy option more undecided. The repair for this system seems to average about thirty dollars more than the previous versions as a result of sealed glass and LCD parts of the display. There are clear arguments for fixing and purchasing new depending on the customer’s situation.

iPhone 8 – using a faster processor and the inclusion of Siri capability, the iPhone 7 was a significant seller for Apple. The repair vs purchase becomes more difficult if the consumer is a possible iPhone 8 buyer. The iPhone 8 boasts a higher megapixel camera, a once faster chip, and above all a body update. The sleeker bigger screen is extremely attractive and has attracted consumers to buying the largest initial amount of the iPhone version than ever before. That said, the repair option for this version becomes more attractive if a customer is in the”out of contract” scenario since the purchase price becomes enormous compared to the in contract cost. The repair cost for this item seems to average in the dollar range, similar to its older brother. Once more, based on a customers contract and fiscal situation, both choices are feasible.

iPhone X – Being the latest creation apparatus, most users should try to have an apple substitute for this apparatus if at all possible. Typically, the Genius bar will replace the device or provide a client with the option of repurchasing in the in from contract cost. If both options are off the table, fix is possible, yet still extremely costly in comparison to previous models. As the components become less costly, the repair option might be more favorable; however, only time will tell.


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