What Digital Enhancements Mean to Apartment Living

We are living in an age with unprecedented technology and lifestyle trends that seem almost impossible to keep up with. One must wonder what these types of changes mean for the providers of long-term apartments or serviced apartments in Bracknell and other places.

Living With Technology?

Homes all over the world are currently being introduced to smart technology. In the future, most all homes are going to include automated monitoring for heating as well as advanced controls for ovens and bathtubs. As of today, we have robots that are able to clean our homes as well as take care of the pets. Technology also has a way to customise the decor of our homes. It is quite possible to use digital pictures as a way to decorate our homes as well as digital assistants to create various activities throughout the home.

However, it very well may be possible that we have reached the peak of technology. When we deal with too much of one thing it usually lends itself to a backlash. Recently, we have begun to see more people demand tech-free spaces in the near future may bring about tech-free buildings. In the future, it very well may be possible that individuals prefer to have more face to face interaction as they deal with so much technology on a daily basis.

Modular and Co-Living Options

With a rising population, apartments seem to be shrinking, however, consumers still expect the same amount of amenities. With this in mind, the advent of modular apartments allows consumers to enjoy a full living space in just under 20m².

However, this type of housing is quite expensive. One is not sure if the benefits of this type of living out way the complexity or the cost. One may find that the co-living model is much more appealing as it offers individual sleeping pods with access to community space as well as co-living and co-working areas.

Environmental Living

The demand for a more environmentally friendly world is only going to increase through legislation and consumer demand in the future. Environmentally friendly building materials are becoming more readily available. It is now possible to use porous building materials which enable the growth of green walls and growth of moss as well as carpet in that has the ability to convert carbon into oxygen.

One can also expect food packaging and ways to be reduced as grocery sharing and on-site food production becomes more popular. Energy will also be able to be produced and stored on-site through the use of solar panels and smart windows as well as being created kinetically for the use of gin equipment found on-site. In addition, consumers are going to have to look closely as to whether some amenities such as air-conditioning are still a viable option.

Sleeping Technology

It is expected by the year 2020 that solutions for insomnia will be an overall $80 billion industry. It is expected that tree machines will be able to monitor sleeping patterns and sleep quality will be able to be enhanced through the use of sound waves and lighting. Digital butlers can send out reminders for people to remember to hydrate, exercise and sleep and smart beds will be able to regulate your body temperature.

However, before we fall into a futuristic slumber is essential to remember the basic the fundamentals of a good night’s sleep which include a comfortable mattress, the right acoustics and lighting. The overall light and sound from technology may actually disturb sleeping patterns. It may be possible that consumers want a tech free blackout during sleeping hours.

Virtual Reality

While we simply look as virtual reality as a form of entertainment today, it may be possible to form a complex community in the future. It very well may be possible that a virtual meeting space may replace today’s lounges and coffee shops. It is expected that virtual reality may be able to enhance these types of experiences in the future. There have already been numerous room prototypes created with consumer groups to create a virtual meeting space.

Is a Revolution Brewing?

As new technology comes available it is only expected that hospitality leaders will take advantage of it. While these typically are going to be embraced, there must be a note of caution involved. The industry must always remember consumers first and not create technology overload which may result in a potential backlash. This type of technology should only be used when it is going to enhance the consumers experience. With this in mind, we can expect to see small incremental changes in technological advances as opposed to a wide sweeping change.


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