Why 2020 will be a Dangerous Season for Mosquitoes in Virginia

As you anticipate spring you look forward to enjoying your time outside in your yard. Since the 2019-2020 winter wasn’t freezing as much as it was in the last year’s season, it’s expected that a dangerous season for mosquitoes will be forecasted for 2020, especially in wet areas like Northern Virginia. That’s because there wasn’t enough freezing time this winter to get rid of mosquito eggs. Furthermore, there’s been increased rainy weather for these pests, and this fulfilled their need for water to cycle back earlier. So, unlike the 2018-2019 season, you need to start planning early for your mosquito control before March and prepare yourself for this season.

The existence of water and weather conditions are the two major factors that decide how intense the coming mosquito season will be. We will discuss these two factors in detail, explain why mosquitoes are dangerous, and discuss solutions on how you can prepare.

Water effect on Mosquitoes existence

Mosquitoes can’t survive or even exist without water because it works as an incubator for their eggs. Heavy rainfall provides ideal conditions for mosquitoes while they are laying eggs in standing water. They usually lay their eggs in wet areas, and northen Virginia is known for its abundance of areas that are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. In fact, the highest population of mosquitoes in the United States are supposed to exist primarily in Virginia. Their eggs require only one or two days to hatch into larvae. Larvae or wigglers as also called take only one or two weeks at most feeding on organic matter and breathing oxygen from the surface of the water until they develop into pupae and finally into adults. So briefly, a rainy winter causes a wet spring and eventually a summer that is full of mosquitoes.

The effect of the unseasonably mild winter

By nature, mosquitoes and other types of insects love the heat. So, a mild winter that is not freezing will be favorable for them to lay huge amounts of eggs that will hatch earlier than normal. This will lead to an early season of mosquitoes that could start in February and be more difficult as the temperature rises. In fact, the temperature is not the only problem, a mild winter with heavy rains will leave areas of standing water in Virginia, and provide the most favorable environment for mosquitoes to grow.

Why mosquitoes are dangerous?

Mosquitoes will not only disrupt your day during relaxing in summer by their annoying bites but they may also cause diseases such as Zika and the West Nile Virus. These diseases are too dangerous for many cases and may lead to death if not treated properly. People’s reactions to a mosquito bite are different, the majority of people will have an itchy red bump as a result of this bite and this is considered the least effect you may be exposed to, some other people are allergic and those could be exposed to bruises, swelling, and blistering rashes. While Zika and the West Nile viruses are the most common diseases from mosquitoes, they cause also other diseases that are less common such as Dengue and Malaria. Because the season of mosquitoes is expected every year, people will try to prevent the development of these insects at their own yards, but this is not as effective as it should be to prevent them at all. So, control methods will be required. Some of these methods will be bad for the environment and wildlife because of their dependence on chemicals. But, professional companies follow instructions of the World Health Organization when they apply for mosquito control programs in order to reduce risks as much as possible.

How to prepare for mosquitoes season

Mosquitoes are expected to be more active in summer. So, preparation for their season should start earlier in spring or even in the late winter. At first, you can start with what you can do, then contact a professional if it was more difficult and don’t forget protection products while you are outside home.

Deal with standing water in your yard

While mosquitoes develop and breed on standing water, you can try to prevent their existence at least around your home by dealing with this standing water. You have some options to deal with it such as the following:

  • Raise fish: stocking areas of standing water with fish will prevent mosquitoes from growing up as they will be eaten by fish while they are still wigglers.
  • Add a waterfall: by adding a waterfall, standing water will be circulated regularly and this will stop mosquitoes from landing on water. 

Contact a professional company for yard treatment

Furthermore dealing with standing water around your yard, and other places can be difficult to reach and deal with. If you live in northern Virginia, a professional mosquito control company like Mosquito Tek in the Fairfax and Prince William county areas can spray and remove, or at least minimize the existence of mosquitoes around your home. This will allow your children to get out and play without being exposed to dangerous mosquito bites. Once a yard treatment is done, you will live for a reasonable time without the need of using anti-mosquitoes products.

Use a mosquito repellent

A mosquito repellent is usually used when you leave your home or the safe area around your home. You can find many different products to use for this purpose and they are safe to use. A mosquito repellent could also be used on your clothes or you may prefer to buy clothes with Permethrin treatment. A combination of light-colored clothes and a mosquito repellent will be enough to keep you safe from these dangerous insects because they are usually attracted by people who are wearing colored clothes.


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