Why the Mercedes Sprinter is the perfect Limo

Corporate events, weddings, executive transportation or a night on the town are all special occasions that should be memorized. So, a luxury transportation method could be the first thing to think about if you have one of these occasions. When it comes to a luxury transportation method, a Mercedes sprinter limousine should be your first choice. These luxury vans are becoming so popular. So, most people who were renting a traditional stretch limo are turning into booking a Mercedes sprinter limo.

In this topic we will explain why to opt for a sprinter limo over a stretch limo, its advantages and different options to consider for specific needs.

Booking a Mercedes Sprinter VS Renting a Stretch Limo

When you compare this luxury limousine to the old-style stretch limousine, you will find that the company added many different advantages to the modern sprinter limo such as the sound system, the luxury interior and exterior design, the available space inside and more. This will definitely encourage you to prefer booking a Mercedes sprinter limo over a traditional stretch one. With the growing numbers who are saying goodbye to the old method and welcoming the modern one, the future of the stretch limousine is threatened.

Advantages of booking a Mercedes Sprinter

There are many advantages that make Mercedes sprinters overcome competitors as being the best luxury transportation method. The following are some of these critical advantages.

Powerful engine

Traveling by a Mercedes sprinter limo instead of using an airplane due to cost benefits or using it for an overnight courier service requires these vans to cross long distances. Their powerful and superior engine make the trip convenient and easy regardless how much distance or how difficult is it to drive on specific areas.  The performance of their engine enables them to have long frequency to change fuel which in turns save cost and time during the trip.

Convenience and privacy

Booking a Mercedes sprinter doesn’t only provide you with a luxury transportation method with enough space, but it come with a professional chauffeur who will take the responsibility of parking, traffic and arriving on time while you are sitting back relaxing and enjoying the trip with other members. Furthermore, this van come with tented windows in order to enable the group inside to enjoy watching what is outside without being seen by anybody outside. So, privacy is completely guaranteed during your trip.

Interior space and utilities

A transportation van for 7 passengers or up to 14 passengers may let you think that there will be a hassle and they will not feel comfortable. But in fact these vans are designed with a lot of room inside to afford both passengers and their belongings. The ceiling is high enough to enable adults to stand up inside. In addition to the available space, there are many attached utilities that will make your trip unforgettable such as a full bar, a DVD player, TVs and internet radio. All of these utilities and more will make you feel like if you are at a hotel.

Great features

Features added to Mercedes sprinters will make you travel in the most luxurious van you can find. These features ensure both comfort and a stylish ride. The following are some of the numerous features you can find in Mercedes sprinters.

  • Sound system: a sound system means that these vehicles are fully loaded. So, you will find LED TVs, touch screen panels, USBs and a lot of places for smartphone charge. 
  • Wi-Fi connection: this feature is important for executives, to be productive means to complete daily tasks on time. If your choice is a Mercedes sprinter, you shouldn’t be worried about this issue because it come with a Wi-Fi connection to complete your daily assignment regardless where you are.
  • Climate control: climate control settings added to these luxury vehicles will let you set the required temperature for a comfortable trip.

Various options of a Mercedes Sprinter limo

The Executive

The name express it all, this Mercedes sprinter limo is perfect for executive transportation and big nights especially for purposes such as business meetings, hosting clients or dinners. Some executives use these vehicles also to go to work in such a way that doesn’t feel like if they are going to work. Thanks to the luxurious features, you will feel like you are on a vacation rather than going to work. These features include the following.

  • Cooler
  • 2 TVs from which an Apple TV
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Leather seating for 4 captain’s chairs
  • Stereo speakers
  • DVD player

The Ghost Jet

This option is appealing for those who want to travel in a stylish vehicle that is far from black styles. It is white from outside and inside, even leather seating stands are white. The plenty of space inside this vehicle is enough for a group to celebrate, conduct a business, watching TV or having fun with playing games on it’s built in Sony PlayStation. In addition, there are some other features such as the following.

  • DVD player
  • Cooler
  • Stereo speakers
  • Bluetooth connection


This option is considered the most luxurious one because it is approximately supported by all amenities you can expect. In this amazing vehicle, you can conduct business in the highest possible comfort. The VIP splinters are perfect for both executive transportation and extraordinary party nights. Features added to this vehicle include the following.

  • SirusXM radio
  • 3 TVs, a Direct TV, an Apple TV and a Tailgate TV
  • Stereo speakers
  • Cooler
  • DVD player
  • Leather seating for 4 captain’s chairs
  • Bluetooth connection

The Land Jet

This option is used for different purposes such as transportation from an airport to a specific event, business meetings or hosting clients. It is as amazing as other options with more captain’s chairs as it includes 6 luxury captain’s chairs to provide more room for your clients. Besides the 6 captain’s chairs, it has the same features as the other options including the cooler, the DVD player and 2 TVs from which there is an Apple TV.

You may be imagined yourself having an experience in this luxury transportation method based on what you read, but a real experience will be definitely different from imagination. So, let it be your coming decision to book a Mercedes sprinter limo to feel this wonderful memorable transportation experience.


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