10 London Drinking Holes to Relax and Indulge in a Little Simple Fun

London is quite possibly one of the coolest cities in the world. It was the great English writer, Samuel Johnson who once remarked: “if you are tired of London then you are tired of life”. Although the quote has been overused, it still remains true to this day.

The city still plays host to a variety of nightspots, including bars and the many variants of watering hole that exist.

But it’s not all about the humble pint or even a cocktail. The bars of London have something to offer everyone – from trivial pursuit and gaming evenings to live music and comedy this is a city that will tease and tantalise and leave you feeling satisfied.

But if you want to put on your thinking cap here are 10 pubs that will satisfy your inner nerd.

1. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Follow in the footsteps of literary luminaries such as Dickens, Wodehouse and Twain who at one time or another enjoyed a libation at Ye Old Cheshire Cheese.

This is a building that not only played host to these literary giants but that has also stood the test of time. It was built just after the Great Fire of London when the city underwent a rebirth of architecture. The newspaper men on Fleet Street had a soft spot for the venue. Today it doesn’t see that many hacks but a far more trendy crowd.

2. Apples & Pears Bar

Osbourne Road is home to the Apples & Pears Bar. Here, music enthusiasts can treat their ears to live music by featured musicians and bands. Customers can enjoy the evening with excellent top-drawer cocktails. Take a seat and listen and dance to your heart’s content here!

3. Draughts

If board games are more your speed, then this pub has got you covered. Possibly for the more cerebral patron – but there’s plenty of lighthearted fun to be had. Some favourites include Cards Against Humanity or even a childhood favourite courtesy of those Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Of course draughts and classics such as backgammon are on offer as well. Great selection of board games.

4. The Viaduct Tavern

Get your gin game down. This pub has a history. It’s the last of the original ‘Gin Palaces’ in London. In a setting that used to be a debtor’s jail and overlooking the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral this watering hole oozes charm. Cells now serve as beer storage – the inmates would have approved.

5. Drink, Shop, Do

Get crafty at this bar. If Lego is your passion or if you want to take in an arts and crafts lesson or crafts workshop, then you need to head to this pub. Themed evenings every night mean that there is always something for someone. Head to King’s Cross to get a craft infusion.

6. Jerusalem Tavern

If you are looking for a slice of London history then look no further than the Jerusalem Tavern. It’s been a part of London life since the 14th century. The Farrington location was reinvented in 1720 – but it still boasts a venerable heritage. Great beer, and, recently voted as the third best pub in London!

7. Booking Office

See King’s Cross as you have never seen it before at the Booking Office (in the original King’s Cross booking hall) at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. The long bar of 29 metres is a wonderful sight and the perfect prop for a great evening.

Exceptional breakfasts as well.

8. Loading Bar

Video games never seem to lose their popularity – at least with a certain audience. This pub is Dalston welcomes of all shapes and sizes. Themed cocktails are the order of the evening with some great names such as ‘Alien: Inebriation.’ Consoles galore and best of all enjoy yourself with old favourites for free. New game launch nights are the highlight of a gamer’s week.

9. The V&A Cafe

One of the most visually appealing venues in London. Tea and coffee are the stars and you simply need to relax and feel the stress leave you as the sound of the mellow piano removes all your cares. The museum of the premises is great as well.

10. The Old School Yard Bar and Playground

Get in touch with your youth again at the Old School Yard. Great 90s music, great pizza and the opportunity to test your foosball skills against some of the best. The retro console tucked away in a corner sees plenty of use.


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