How to Get Rid of Wall Fungus

Moldy or mossy walls can be a disgrace to the house and its inhabitants. The color is unsightly, the smell is stinging, the roots damage the walls, not to mention the risk of allergies if the spores are inhaled. Resolve this problem with home cleaning products before they disturb your home and family members too far. Or you can also call San Antonio pressure washing, which they are experts in the field of cleaning stains on walls that are difficult to remove such as mildew. Aside from removing mold and mildew, the most important thing after that is to prevent them from reappearing.

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Why do mold and mildew grow on the walls?

The fungus grows from spores that spread through the air. The fungus usually grows in a humid, warm environment, and does not have good air circulation. Therefore, the bathroom is prone to mold. Fungal growth on walls is often triggered by damp conditions and lack of ventilation, but can also be caused by water seepage — whether groundwater, rainwater, or pipe leaks. An air conditioner that is not installed correctly also has the potential to cause mold due to droplets of water.

Moss does not always look as fresh green as is often found outside the home. On the wall, moss can be dark gray or even black. Moss quickly spreads to a wider area if not treated immediately. To recognize moss on your wall, wipe a cloth moistened with carbolic acid on the dark part. If the dark color fades after a few minutes, the dark color is moss. If not, the spots may be just dirt.

How to get rid of wall fungus

To prevent things that are not desirable, wear rubber gloves, long-sleeved clothing, and mouth and nose masks. Open a window while working on this task.

  1. Make a solution from a mixture of carbolic and water — usually at a rate of a part carbolic acid and 3 parts water. If carbolic acid is not available, you can use detergents that contain active fabric lightening.
  2. Spray or splash the solution on the moldy area.
  3. Scrub the moldy parts using a rather stiff-bristled brush or a somewhat coarse fibrous cloth.
  4. Rinse thoroughly then dry.

If these steps don’t work, use products specifically designed to eradicate mold and mildew on the walls. These products contain harsher substances, so don’t mix one product with another product because it can cause a dangerous reaction.

The fungus can trigger an allergic reaction if inhaled or on the skin, so if your moldy wall problem is very severe, you better contact a professional service to handle it.

Tips to prevent mold and mildew

After you deal with moldy and mossy walls, of course, you don’t want this wall disease to re-emerge. Here’s how to prevent it:

  1. Buy special products to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Antimicrobial spray prevents mold spores from landing on the wall. Consider replacing your wall paint with a waterproof and mildew paint that has a double benefit. First, the basic ingredients that are waterproof allow it to be washed or wiped using a damp cloth. Second, because water seeps into the walls are very minimal, the wall is always dry so that fungus is reluctant to grow. This also applies to anti-moss wall paint.
  2. Use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity in the room which is very prone to mold and mildew. This tool can be a long-term preventive measure.
  3. Repair the drainage gutter from the tile. Make sure the gutter layer does not leak, replace or repair it if it is damaged, and clean the dirt so that it does not block the flow of water, including pipes that deliver water from the gutter to the ground.
  4. Maintain that bathrooms, kitchens, and other damp locations have a smooth and always dry air circulation.
  5. Dry the bathroom towels and curtains.
  6. Handle leaks in water pipes as soon as possible, especially if the pipes are near or buried in a wall.

Mold and mildew on the walls can be removed using carbolic acid and water. There are various ways to help prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the walls, one of which is to install a dehumidifier.


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