Smart Understanding and Teamwork for the Calgary Team Escape Room

The event Escape Room is a real success worldwide. Many rooms open around the world. Some are rather simple, with 1-2 rooms, others offer large and complex play areas with refined decor.

Generally, Escape Room has a success rate ranging from 30 to 50%. Some rooms are even equipped with screens and surveillance systems to provide live information to cloistered players. And give them some clues to move forward and succeed. 30 to 50%. It’s a lot, and it’s not much.

What skills do I need to win at ALL Escape Rooms?

After you have offered some valuable tips for organizing your perfect Escape Room, here are tips that will get you out of all Escape Rooms before the time runs out.

  1. Collaborate

Space Rooms are cooperative life-size games. The players all play together. The goal is not to be the first team out, but to get the whole team out. Whether you’re locked in 2’s or 10’s, collaboration is the key to your success. All the teams that won the Escape Room were tight teams that cooperated and communicated. For the Calgary team building¬†games, this happens to be the best option now.

As in any team game, football, basketball, volleyball, if one or more players play the game, the whole team will suffer and will immediately reduce its chances of victory. Share the information. Cooperate. Is a player stuck on an enigma? Run to his aid.

Communicate. Make you heard. Good communication is an essential factor. You have found an object but do not know what to do with it? Maybe another of your teammates was looking for him. Have you just “broken” an enigma? Say it, so others do not waste time doing it again.

The Escape Room is perfect for team-building, precisely for their cooperative aspect. We have already organized several for companies in the region.

  1. Award

To resume the example of team games, football, etc. any team has assigned roles and positions: a captain, defenders, attackers, support, etc. For the Escape Room, it should be the same. As soon as the team enters the room, without losing a minute, roles should be assigned. Even better, do it before going home, so you do not lose precious minutes.

Call Escape60 to book your team building activity in Escape room: (587) 430-0880. (Get directions)

Here are the different possible roles: Search

As said above, a lot of material will be scattered throughout the room. Take the time to thoroughly search the room. In every corner spend a good 5 to 10 minutes examining the room you are in.

At the first escape room in 2012-2013, a key had been “too well” hidden under a shelf, yet in the sight of all players. Key that very few teams have found. And that gave access to an essential chest for the rest of the adventure. Without breaking anything, of course, do not hesitate to open, return (carpet), move, lift, push. The organizers are devious and sadistic people. They will have done everything to hide important objects everywhere.

Escape60 is always open for new ideas in team building activities, and their location address is 1638 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J5


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