Artificial intelligence has become quite a popular topic within the entire technology field, especially when applied to businesses. From machine learning to virtual reality, the usage of AI-based technologies is definitely something extremely important from an analyst who is considering the approach which this technology had in the past couple of years. Want to know what’s the current state of AI in business? Let’s analyse it together.

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Machine Learning For Automation

If there’s a common keyword within the entire Ai sector when applied to businesses overall, that would be automation. Automating bulky, heavy processes by using a simple tool is something which every business owner and CTO is looking into at the moment, especially given how fast-paced the worldwide market is.

Machine learning has gone through a variety of processes in terms of updates recently, many of these related to the fact that Python isn’t anymore the go-to programming language to automate processes: examples like Tensorflow.js have, in fact, recently tackled the market, leading every single warehouse management process in terms of automation.

Santander’s Example

Santander has recently become the first bank to launch a dedicated branch on the blockchain. The combination of Python-based algorithms and data science strategies have led the decision of the bank’s CEO, who said that the opening was “a historic moment for banking and technology in general”. The usage of the blockchain has become quite popular recently, after the “crypto” boom which exploded back in 2015. Definitely still relevant in 2019 and very likely to become an industry standard within fintech before the end of 2025, Santander’s example has been quite the example for future companies who will be willing to embrace the blockchain as their core technology asset.

The Evolution Of The Matter

These two examples above are pretty much enough to state how powerful and how “violently” Ai and machine learning are impacting the business sector worldwide, with important hints towards how Ai-related technologies could approach other sectors as well. The world of app developers, for example, could be “shaken” again once “ai will become an industry-standard in our builds”. Although this statement was made by a company who focuses on app development in London, it’s pretty true.

To Conclude

Machine learning, automation and everything in between is the future of this sector, with much more future application technologies being applied to this matter. The future is, definitely, machine code applied to business, whether if you’re a simple developer or a senior Alexa developer.

What’s The Current State Of Ai In Business?