Fitting Out Your Kitchen? Here’s What You Need to Know

Refurbished kitchenIf your resolution for the new decade is to give your kitchen a new breath of life, there are several things you’ll need to keep in mind. But before delving any deeper, there’s one thing you need to consider, and that is how you want the project executed! You could handle the project yourself or have a kitchen designer handle it for you. Alternatively, you might be thinking of handling part of the job and have a contractor take care of the more complicated bits. Either way, one of the things that should be your top priority is making sure you’ve organised your schedules.

When planning a kitchen fit-out, you need to ask yourself one question, how long will it take to fit out a kitchen? This question is what we’d consider an open ‘piece of string’ type of question considering that it’ll depend on the complexity of the fittings you want and the size of the room. Here’s what you need to consider when planning a kitchen fit-out.


Be ready to live without your kitchen for a while, it’s going to be weeks or months (depending on the scale of your project) before you’re installing the Zen Stone worktops and buying a new kettle! When asking how long it takes to fit a kitchen, keep in mind that the answer to your question will be affected by how well you’ve prepared. If the refit happens in stages, it’ll take a bit longer than if you completely sealed off your kitchen for a few days and dedicated it to the refit. The good thing about working with a kitchen designer is that your contractor will advise you on what do and can even arrange for alternative kitchen facilities by helping you transform your garage, study, or utility into a fully-functioning temporary kitchen.


Don’t use your budget as a masterclass for minimizing spend. While no one wants to feel like they’re paying more than the odds for a service or product, if whatever you get is something that can sustain heavy use and last through the years, then it is worth every penny. Sensible budgeting is all about allocating the right amount of money for the right things. As such, if the cost of your project is a concern, then think of ways you could save like re-purposing shelves and cabinets. That allows you to use the money you would have spent on cabinets to buy your dream marble worktop.


Scheduling here doesn’t mean to plan for the project; it means scheduling your home. To minimise the amount of time it will take to have your kitchen fitted out, ensure you schedule it intelligently. For instance, planning around school holidays and big family birthdays means lowered stress levels during a refit project. However, there are people who prefer working on the project alongside other activities even if it means the kitchen refit takes longer to complete while others prefer having a shorter project even if it means moving out of the house for a few days.


Are you thinking of having the existing structure of your kitchen changed? While kitchen extensions typically involve structural change, you might find that your kitchen’s existing layout is quite impractical. However, if you have a spacious kitchen, adding a kitchen island could do wonders. These islands revolutionise the space and make it easier for homeowners to show off their quartz or granite worktops. However, keep in mind that the more changes you plan to have made on your kitchen’s structure, the longer the project will take. Nevertheless, to have a kitchen that suits your taste, lifestyle and habits, every hour spent on achieving your goal will be worth it in the end.


During the early stages of planning, there’ll be design ideas that you cannot afford to compromise. When it comes to kitchen fit-outs, never compromise on your choice of materials. If you have a granite or marble that you’ve set your heart on, take the time to find out if the material you want has an unusual lead time considering that these slabs of stone are naturally mined. To ensure you get the material on time, make sure you order it early enough. Consider your supplier’s advice to ensure your refit timescale doesn’t experience any unprecedented delays.


When planning a kitchen fit-out, make sure you do your research, especially when it comes to suppliers. Choose suppliers and contractors based on their reputation rather than cost. While personal recommendations are good, still consider checking out testimonials left by people who’ve used the service(s) before. Remember to ask for quotes from several service providers for comparison purposes and make sure you communicate your needs, wants, and expectations before choosing a supplier or contractor. The more open the line of communication is between you and your suppliers and contractors, the less likely you’ll have misunderstandings, which are notorious for causing time delays.


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