Small Business Marketing Trends in 2019

The trends for 2019 in small business are already shaping up, though the end of the year is still a few months away. Growing your customer or client base should be at the heart of all of your activity in 2019 and doing so can help your small business to actually stand out. Marketing is more important than ever when it comes to business – big or small. And so, here are the biggest trends which will hit the small business market in 2019.

Voice Search Expands

Everyone and their gran now owns something called an Alexa or a Google Home and even a HomePod. It seems that many people will be searching the internet with voice search in 2019 and beyond, with around 50% of all searches set to come from voice as early as 2020. This means that small businesses need to adapt to this growing trend in order to survive. How? By bringing themselves into the fold with voice search as it were.

Voice search is all about compelling content that can be found via voice search. Long-tail keywords, schema markup and mobile optimisation. If you have all of this in order then your site should be much easier for your business to be ready for the voice search boom in the future.

Take to Social Media

It’s been said for years, but small businesses need to actually invest more time and money into social media in order to be successful. Let’s face it, most of your audience in the modern world uses some form of social media or another. So putting your small business out there on as many as possible is probably one of the most valuable things you can do in order to find the same level of success as other small businesses.

So, research where your customers are and put yourself out there on that social media platform with force. The more active you are the better your chances of recognition and growth will be.

Location Marketing

Profiting from your business location will be a big trend in 2019. Some businesses are already on this trend, publically celebrating their city and even selling location-themed products to profit even further. This is done in an attempt to draw in the local audience and give them a sense of loyalty – after all, it’s all in support of their cities business. And with more emphasis on supporting the High Street this is something more people are looking to do every day. You can even use hard data from the likes of chartered surveyors Manchester such as Roger Hannah & Co in order to add a level of uniqueness to this type of marketing campaign.

Content Marketing Continues to Grow

The old phrase ‘Content is King’ is not something which has died, though it was coined over two decades ago in 1996 by Bill Gates. And it seems that this will still be the case even as we move into the new realm of 2019. The fact is quite inescapable, if your website content is not very good or fails to impress search engines and users then your business will suffer.

That is why, as a small business, it is paramount to invest in good content in your modern business endeavours. Not doing so can be quite detrimental to your long-term goals and efforts – especially when it comes to your internet activity. Good content can become a great source of relevant leads and conversions, so don’t dismiss it as unimportant or unrelated to your overall business activities.

On the whole, there’s a lot going on in the world of marketing for small business in 2019. Getting involved and ahead of the trends sooner rather than later is the best option, especially if you’re looking to make a bigger splash with your business in the coming months. The more you innovate your business and its marketing, the likelier you will be to find success along the way.


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