Impound insurance helps an individual to get back their car impounded by the police. In legal term, if a person’s car is seized under section 165A for not having the legitimate vehicle insurance, then impound insurance is the way that can assist in getting the car back. For example, if car impounded by the police and you produce impound insurance documents to them, then you will get access to a car.

The impounded car insurance policy provides a gateway to get back a car from the compounding of police on the spot if you present 30-day third party insurance cover. It is applicable to one driver at a time, aged between 21 and 75. Well, if you were thinking why police seize your vehicle, then read further to know.

Why police impound:-

  • As stated above, under section 165A of the road traffic act 1998, police have the legal power to seize any car which is being driven without valid insurance.

  • After seizing, you may be charged a release fees and the storage charges of the vehicle until you take it back.

  • You will get 14 days time to get back; otherwise, your car may be crushed.

With this, you have become familiar with the basics of impound insurance, now moving on to the next segment of this article, a few things you should know about this insurance.

Things to know about this insurance:-

  • You cannot use one-day car insurance to collect your car from a police compound, to retrieve the car; the owner of the car has to produce valid car insurance with its validity of 30 days.

  • When your car is insured, your record will be put on the motor insurance database (MID). Police can have the direct access to this database and by this; they have the information regarding the status of your car insurance. Other systems to access information include Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).

  • Sometimes when you insured your car and within that week your vehicle is impounded, you may have to show the documents related to insurance because it takes around a week to update the data on the MID portal. Moreover, it is up to the discretion of the police to accept it or not, that’s why it is recommended to follow the procedure carefully.

  • Your friend or relative cannot take your vehicle back from police compound even if they have the full cover insurance, the motor vehicle act does not cover this. Other cases may include, if your known person is driving your car with your consent, then only the legal owner’s insurance is valid not your known person who is driving.

Well, after reading this article you have gained knowledge about the impound car insurance and why police seize a car without insurance. You can directly buy insurance from the reliably dedicated portal on the internet and get your vehicle insured. In this way, you can get impounded car back.

Things To Know About Impound Insurance